Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the Swimming Requirements , i.e. What do I need to bring to the swimming sessions?
a Swimming Costume and Cap are compulsory.

Where can I purchase Swimming Requirements
We offer the following swimming requirements for sale at the Centurion Swimming and Aqua Centre.

See prices at fee structure for accessories

How long will it take to complete the Baby swimming program?
At this age the child’s coordination, muscle strength and balance is not so developed as a child of 4 years, it will take 2 swimming seasons.  It is not a “crush course” we use the TLC approach. (Tender Loving Care) Don’t try to hurry is – there are no shortcuts to developing your baby’s strength and stamina.

My baby suffers from asthma. Is it safe for him to go swimming?
Exercise-induced asthma is almost unknown among swimmers as the air they breathe in the pool area is warm and humid.  The exercise will help to strengthen your baby’s heart and lungs.  If your baby’s health gives you  any cause for concern, always consult a health professional.

At what age can I start.
According to the pediatric associations guidelines must babies not be exposed to “public pools” before the age of 6 months. At 6 months the immune system is then strong enough. Newborn babies cannot regulate their own body temperature and so they should not be allowed to get to cold.  The water temperature must be between 32°C and 34°C .

What should my baby wear in the pool?
Waterproof swim diapers are available for babies.  They will contain any embarrassing accidents when in the water. No disposable diapers as they become waterlogged and will disintegrate.

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