Yes, you really can learn to swim in just a few days!!!

Through simple explanations of the physics of swimming, motivation and eloquent demonstrations, the wonderful world of water will open up to you. No longer do you have to suffer anxiety and embarrassment whenever recreating with friends or family at the pool or beach.

Physically YOU, as Adults, can all swim. All you need to do is to learn the basic aspects of swimming and overcome the Mental Block (or fear), and soon you will have fun in the water like your friends.

We offer a 2 week Adult beginning course.

In the evenings Mondays Thursdays
18h00 19h00 and
19h00 20h00.

Then the follow up is a Intermediate Adult Course.

This course is over 4 Saturdays at Planet Fitness Centurion Gate
(No Membership needed when enrolling with us).
This course will teach you al 4 swimming strokes.

These courses are speciality courses focussed on helping you feel safe and comfortable in the water.

Adult Swimming
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