LOCATION where these courses are presented:

Centurion Swimming & Aqua Centre’s own facilities (on the corner Lenchen & Migmatite, Zwartkop x 8)

Mornings Classes - Tuesday & Friday mornings 08h00 - 09h00

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The Facilities we use provide Private Environments
The Classes are small for individual attention
The Classes use proven techniques for using water resistance to exercise the body without putting undue presure on a persons capabilties.
It's private
Best & Safest Exercise for pregnant ladies as well as for people with back, nexk & joint injuries.
Improve fitness, nuscular strength and endurance.
Decrease stress and cholesterol

Early mornings Tuesdays and Fridays 8h00 – 9h00.

Please CALL US to obtain more info about our AQUA AEROBICS Classes

We offer 3 Month or 6 Month Contracts
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Aqua Aerobics
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