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Each year, too many babies and young children die in water-related incidents. The aim of the baby swimming program is to try to give your child a fighting chance to survive in the event of an accident.
This program will teach your baby the basic safety skills. This will be a wonderful shared experience for both, mother/father and child, building further on the bond of love and trust that exists between you. We use anxiety reducing methodology which includes games, toys and songs.

Teaching water safety skills to babies from a very young age will:
Equip baby with vital life-saving skills;
Build up baby’s heart and lungs;
Improve strength and stamina
Encourage agility and coordination;
Help baby to relax;
Stimulate awareness and alertness;
Help baby to be more confident;
Strengthen the bond between parent and baby.

Never allow your baby to be alone or unsupervised near water.  Although this program is designed to teach remarkable water skills, your baby is still far too young to appreciate the dangers of the water.

Lessons must be attended twice per week.  Because the coordination and muscle strength is not well developed at this age, it is not recommended to bring your child for swimming 1x per week.  It is just not enough. The progress will not be satisfactory.

Your own attitude towards the water safety program is the most important ingredient for success. A relaxed and positive approach will give your baby confidence in the water, but if you are feeling anxious and nervous the child will detect these feelings.  That is also why it must be the same parent in the water every time to learn the routine of the program.  Make sure that you are on time for each lesson. Don’t rush into a lessons, then you upset your child even before the lesson has started.
Don’t be-over ambitious for your baby.  This program is intended to be a fun introduction to water skills.
The lessons are 20 min which is enough exercise for even the fittest baby.

Frequently asked questions about baby swimming
How long will it take to complete the Baby swimming program?
At this age the child’s coordination, muscle strength and balance is not so developed as a child of 4 years, it will take 2 swimming seasons.  It is not a “crush course” we use the TLC approach. (Tender Loving Care) Don’t try to hurry is – there are no shortcuts to developing your baby’s strength and stamina.

My baby suffers from asthma. Is it safe for him to go swimming?
Exercise-induced asthma is almost unknown among swimmers as the air they breathe in the pool area is warm and humid.  The exercise will help to strengthen your baby’s heart and lungs.  If your baby’s health gives you  any cause for concern, always consult a health professional.

At what age can I start.
According to the pediatric associations guidelines must babies not be exposed to “public pools” before the age of 6 months. At 6 months the immune system is then strong enough. Newborn babies cannot regulate their own body temperature and so they should not be allowed to get to cold.  The water temperature must be between 32°C and 34°C .

What should my baby wear in the pool?
Waterproof swim diapers are available for babies.  They will contain any embarrassing accidents when in the water. No disposable diapers as they become waterlogged and will disintegrate.
LOCATION where these courses are presented:
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