Centurion Swim & Aqua Centre
The Centurion Swimming & Aqua Centre consist of two seperate swimming areas dedicated for different activities:

Beginnerstrokes (From here we go to Mega Planet Fitness for the advanced Club Swimming)
The Swimming pool has a seperate viewing area for Parents to allow the parent to oversee the training of the children. Anxiety of the parent is sometimes transferred to the child and this helps you to see without having an influence over the training period.

Below are some photos of the Centurion Swimming & Aqua Centre facility.
This is the Front Entrance to the Centurion Swimming & Aqua Centre facilities.

We are situated on the corner Lenchen & Migmatite, Zwartkop x 8)

Behind these door we are working hard and having fun at the same time.
Our Bathroom Facilities
are always clean
and hygienic

Our Baby Pool.

Mostly used for Babie and Todler Swimming.
Our Big Pool
Used for Doggy Paddle (Hondjie Swem) and starting off with Style Training..

Parents can sit and watch the childrens class.
This lowers the anxiety factor on the child (coming from the parent)
while satisfying them that you are still there.
More Photos:
Google earth picture of the centre:
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